Abolition Action is a small NYC-based collective that first came together in mid 2019 after a socialist feminist abolitionist reading group. Our vision is therefore rooted in those frameworks. We are committed to creatively resisting the prison industrial complex (PIC), carceral systems, and carceral mindsets. We do this by starting from the self & building outward; holding space for healing and learning; and acting in solidarity with other abolitionists, socialist groups, and people impacted by the PIC.


Abolition Action has undertaken a number of mutual aid, community building, and political education projects. Projects include:

Creative Interventions Toolkit study groupThe People's Potluck (turned virtual due to Covid), a monthly potluck where we share food, our needs, and what we have to give to each other. A community building effortCommunity not Cops, a collaboration between Mutual Aid NYC and Abolition Action which made a space for discussions and skillshares on relationship building, community defense, collective care, and mutual aidThe Grocery Fund, a COVID mutual aid fund launched in March 2020 which raised and distributed over $45,000 to community members in needJailbreak!, a newsletter with articles written by Abolition Action members and links to upcoming abolitionist eventsTimeline Project at the NYC City Hall Encampment, a banner timeline of events related to the PIC and resistance against carcerality set up at the 2020 City Hall Encampment. Participants in the space were encouraged to contribute to the timeline with both additional events and their own experiencesBigger than the Ballot, a zine detailing 8 actions people can take outside of voting to resist the PICAbolition: How We Keep Us Safe, a zine offering concrete tools and ideas for taking care of each other without state/police interventionVirtual Political Education Nights, a Monday evening series which covered topics such as riots as a tactic, abolitionist urbanism, joyful militancy, disability justice, carcerality within the homeless shelter system and moreFree Them All, a coalition action effort formed in 2020 with Cosecha NYC, Close the Camps NYC, DSA Immigrant Justice Working Group and others

Join Us

As we come out of a winter hiatus, we will revive projects and build new ones. We invite you to join us via our Discord or Google Group mailing list. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Help Brandon and his son secure housing

A friend of Abolition Action has reached out for community support! Her brother Brandon is being released from prison in May 2021 and will need to find housing for himself and his son, who has not seen his father in over 7 years. Brandon's family is a single income family and needs help covering the first, last and security deposit on an apartment.

Please donate to help a family directly impacted by the PIC.

The Beefalo Exchange
A free store

Our free store is open! Browse items below and submit the form to claim items.

Items are tagged in the store with letters and a number; for example, CR4 is an item tag. The letter code will determine the pick-up location and days/times the item is available for pick-up. So all items tagged CR (i.e. CR4 or CR56 or CR100) all must be picked up at the same location.

See the list below for pick-up neighborhoods (exact address provided upon item request) and times/days for pick-ups. You must pick-up the item within 2 weeks of your request or it will go back into the store!

Pick-Up Location and Times

CR = Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Wednesdays noon-7pm, Thursdays noon-6pm